After spending an evening with my dad (who was suffering from lung CA) and, feeling as though I’d reached the breaking point of a daughter watching her beloved parent slow and painful demise, I took to my bedroom and prayed.  I asked God, through Jesus, to PROMISE to help my dad in his suffering— to end his suffering if that be His will!  I begged with every fiber of my being. My final plea was, “Promise me!”

After pulling myself together and returning to my living room, I began to play with my pet bunny. I suddenly noticed he  became very still as if mesmerized by something in the room.  Having seen this behavior in my bunny on other occasions, I grabbed my IPhone and began videotaping.  The results shook me to my core.  Someone or something had communicated with me!  Initially, I had a strong sense that it was from a ‘good’ source; however, one can’t always be sure.!ApMsSBSk_nqzcYc6qMoFnwwiRR8

Another Gift From Tom ... But, From Where?


          Continuing with Tom's communication, the first audio recording that I would receive happened during the first snowstorm of 2015, here in Drexel Hill. As nightfall approached, the blizzard-like conditions elicited my own personal storm. This late night my son, Brian, would be travelling home by bus in the throws of this storm. While doing what I know best, praying to God🙏 for Brian's safety, the kitchen in my apartment began to ‘stir’.(I would soon learn that subtle noises, glimpses of movement, a trash bag suddenly tippingover, etc., would signal Tom’s presence - his desire to communicate.            Tom had always been a strong-willed person and very protective of us all.It would make perfect sense that he would react swiftly to my distress.I clung to my intuition, and I began videotaping. What I thought would amount to a one-sided conversation with Tom was anything but that! This night Tom had something…
"The Penny Toss" Pennies from Heaven!!!
After Tom left us, I began to rely on my 'little talks' with him to stay connected. However, at one point it had been almost 2 weeks since I had 'sensed' Tom’s presence. I was concerned. The night was February 4, 2013 when I received my first communication from Tom. The kids had gone out to dinner while I stayed home alone. I was engrossed in school work when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere,  something—a small object – hurled itself in my direction. It sounded as if it landed somewhere under the table. As it hit the hardwood floor, the sound resembled that of a small coin or pebble. I did what any level-headed person would do in a similar situation -- I bolted, no hesitation! With Iphone in hand, I headed straight for the outdoor porch. The 20-degree weather made no impact on my coat-less body.
       I gathered what was left of my senses and dialed my parents number. Hearing the panic in my voice, they called my brothe…

A Search for ONE truth evolved into the most unimaginable, incidental of truths

Tom's love also met an extended family...his pets. His love for animals
spanned many species...skunks, raccoons, alligators, porcupines, chimps, ferrets and dogs.  This picture shows Tom bird-sitting for a neighbor. His smile said it all!

          Tragically, the Fall of 2012 signaled the beginning of Tom’s demise.He was only 49 years old. He wasn’t supposed to leave us – not yet!That Fall, the reality of our powerlessness over death, our mortality, smacked us hard. Our desperate pleas and endless prayers turned to hopelessness.Our once pillar of strength, our gentle giant...was going home. I caressed his forehead and begged him to stay, vowing to love him evermore. It was not as God planned. Tom would be gone by June of 2013. It wasn’t fair.He was way too young.How could this have happened?How could God NOT answer my pleas?I needed answers. This loss became unbearable.Our family was broken; I was broken.I was obsessed with the mystery surrounding death.Unsettled and lost in a dark…
“Yes, Virginia, there is an afterlife, I have signs, I have messages!” I wanted to shout after each new encounter.After decades of uncertainty surrounding the existence of an ‘other’ world, I was suddenly enthralled by what was unraveling before me.I lost my significant other, Tom, when he was 49.Thus, began my search for answers.My search opened doors to a spiritual realm I had only imagined existed. And so, my quest began.It originated as a search for unanswered questions and evolved into more than I had ever bargained.An intriguing world soon made my home its resting place.My heart and spirit thirsted for knowledge beyond my world’s boundaries.I was fascinated, yet skeptical... what were the implications?  Would my search return answers?Would I encounter an extension of the only world I'd ever known?Would I actually catch a glimpse of signs of life after death?My lust for the truth never weighed so heavily.I was up for the challenge.        I faced down my fear of the un…